This week, review Standard 5: Advertising and Other Public Statements, Standard 6: Record Keeping and Fees, Standard 9: Assessment, and Standard 10: Therapy of the APA Code of Ethics, located under your weekly resources.

Warm-Up Activity 6.2: Ethic Codes and Recommendations

While the APA Code of Ethics will be the standard that most psychologists follow, and is the one that all members of the American Psychological Association are bound to adhere to, there are many other perspectives on ethics in the care giving professions. See Pope (n.d.), located under your weekly resources, for an extended list of such ethics codes and recommendations.

Warm-Up Activity 6.3: Preparing a Chart

To prepare a chart for use in an assignment is quite easy. A chart is essentially a table in which you have established categories for review. To create a table in Word, you will need to go to Insert>Insert Table, then select the number of columns and rows you desire.


Websites used for advertising can appear very professional. Is the organization listed as professional as the website appearance? Select five mental health agencies or psychological consulting or assessment services in your geographical area which have websites. Create a chart and in column 1 list the name of the business; then, you will evaluate the name itself for professionalism. In column 2, you will evaluate the description of the services for completeness. In column 3, you will check to make certain the listed qualifications of the providers are provided and their licensure status and degrees are clear. In column 4, you will rate each agency to determine whether it fully meets the criteria for professionalism, partially meets them, or does not meet them at all.

Length: 1-page chart

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Not older than 8 years.

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