Classical and Operant Conditioning

    1. Define / explain the difference between classical and operant conditioning and give a  unique example of each.

A professor has been noticing that too many students are coming to class late and it is extremely disruptive to the learning environment. She wants to stop this rude behavior of students showing up late.

Review the various types of reinforcement and punishment in the textbook.

          2. How can the professor use reinforcement to get students to show up on time to class? As part of your response, define in your own words positive reinforcement and provide one unique example, as well as your definition of negative reinforcement and one unique example the professor could use. All examples in your response must apply to the professor’s situation to earn any points.

          3. How is negative reinforcement different from positive punishment?

Rubric: definition of positive reinforcement, example of positive reinforcement, definition of negative reinforcement, example of negative reinforcement, differentiate negative reinforcement from positive punishment.

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