citation exercise

I will attach the article for you. If you use the pdf, then you can use page numbers. If you decide not to do that, you will need to use paragraph numbers for the article. Your post will have two parts.

Part 1
Your post will include the following information:

1) Provide an APA citation of the article.

2) The abstract is a summary of the background (Introduction), the research (Methods), the findings (Results), and the implications (Discussion). Copy the sentence(s) from the abstract that summarize each section and label as Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

3) In order to understand their findings, you will need to know what the particular technical terms mean. Look in the text for explanations of “presence” and “sense of community”. Write their definitions as explained in the article, including citation (page number) and whether that information comes from previous sources that they have cited.

4) In the discussion section, the researchers name three important findings from their study in the sub-section “6.1 Primary findings”. What are those three important findings?

Part 2
For the second part

1) Write a summary of the article in your own words.  (100-200 words)

2) In brackets or italics, write a brief evaluation of the article as if you were going to use it as a source in a literature review on community-building in digital environments. (50-150 words)

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