Choose one of the “Persuasive American Speeches” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons discuss purpose and the claim of the speech

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Choose one of the “Persuasive American Speeches” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Discuss purpose and the claim of the speech. Explain how the speech supports this claim (logos, ethos, and/or pathos). Is the opposing side mentioned? Also, describe the method of argumentation you believe is used in the speech (Toulmin? Rogerian? A mixture of both?). Give citations to back up your points, and create a final works cited citation for this essay.
In your response to your classmates, find a student who wrote about a different persuasive American speech, and comment on your classmate’s discussion of his/her chosen work. Do you agree with his or her analysis of this speech? Why? The ‘why’ is key – please post a rich response to your classmate.
Instructions: Your initial discussion should be at least 200 words. Please also respond to two of your classmates’ initial posts (students who have discussed different speeches). These responses should be at least 150 words.

Initial Post Due: Wednesday, by 11:55 p.m., ET
Responses Due: Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ET

An appeal to pathos (emotions) relies on the audience’s emotions and feelings (Driver, 2012, p. 62). An appeal to ethos (ethics) relies on the credibility of the author (Driver, 2012, p. 63). An appeal to logos (logic) relies on the sound logic of the argument (Driver, 2012, p. 67).

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