Child obesity

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Write a critical review of the academic literature that relates to your research topic. You should all know how to use the academic databases in the Suffolk Library by now. This should have been a basic part of your Seminar for Freshmen course first year, for example. The review should address at least five scholarly works that touch upon your topic. You may also add reliable data sources to this list, but these sources will be in addition to your five scholarly works. Your literature review should be a minimum of five pages in length, and not more than eight. 

5) Begin by describing the different “schools of thought” you encountered as you conducted your research. (“Debate on this issue has coalesced around three distinct positions…”)
6) Describe in detail the argument of each author within each “school of thought.”
7) Describe which “school of thought” you agree with, and why. Which do you disagree with, and why? (think about the strengths and weaknesses of each)
8) Finally, which perspective do you find the most compelling?

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