Profitable Application Idea

I am currently looking for a mobile application idea. The application can be about anything (food industry, utility, game, entertainment) that can be widely used and downloaded through the mobile store (either apple or android or any store). This is not an academic paper. I do not need intros and conclusions and referencing. All I need is multiple mobile application ideas that can have massive...
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consumer surplus

Consumer Surplus. Producer Surplus. Total Surplus. How are these concepts used to explain welfare economics? How are these concepts used to explain the benefits of trade? How are these concepts used to explain why restricting trade reduces societal wellbeing? (Should trade be restricted in some circumstances, like the sale of organs ect, or should these ideas apply to these circumstances too?)...
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Future Societies & Business – Individual Research Paper

Topic: The Future of Work: Artificial intelligence, Gender Norms, the Nature of the CorporationI expect five sections for this project.1) Problem definition... what is the issue, who does it affect (e.g. Global North vs. Global South), and why is it a problem?2) Who are the stakeholders?3) Major debates/issues...what are some of the most widely held views/position 4) What are some of the...
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Leadership Theories

Author a paper that will integrate two different Leadership theories in orderto create a new perspective/lens from which to view a personal leadership experience.Drawing on an example from personal life (either as a Leader or Follower), the studentwill analyze that situation through the lens of the newly integrated model. Particularattention is given to deep research efforts into the two existing...
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