Case Synopsis: Senor Sisig: Hungry for Growth in the Food Truck Industry

This case takes place as Senor Sisig has had three years of increasing success.  The case highlights founder Evan Kidera, and the business as a whole, in Senor Sisig’s efforts to continue the company’s success and in pursuing the best growth options.  Senor Sisig has received great acclaim in its early years.  Founder Evan Kidera feels great pressure to capitalize on the opportunities presented to Senor Sisig as a result of the hard work in those early years and, at the same time, does not want to over-stretch Senor Sisig’s reach.  Beyond maintaining business as usual, Kidera was considering three growth opportunities for Senor Sisig: (1) add more food trucks, (2) expand operations to package products for sales to food retailers, and (3) open a bricks-and-mortar restaurant. 

Your assignment is to utilize your full toolkit to make a recommendation.  Keep in mind that I can only read what you provide, and I cannot assume your justification for anything. 

Here are some specific instructions:

Be sure to present your analysis and recommendations in a logical flow and identify component parts clearly (e.g., individual headings).
The font should be 12 pt Times New Roman.
The word document should be double-spaced.
Use page numbers.
The case written report should be a maximum of five pages, supplemented, as deemed appropriate, with any attached analytical exhibits. Your name and the word count of the text portion (sans exhibits & title page) of your write-up should be noted on a separate title page.  Do not identify yourself other than on the title page. Meeting the text page constraint will require concise, specific writing (and editing) and the creative application of supportive exhibits.
Analytical exhibits may be qualitative and quantitative.  These are exhibits you develop and are not exhibits from the case.  Exhibits should be numbered and titled and referred to in numerical order.  Exhibits should not be generic in nature.
Writing mechanics and structure are expected to be of high level.
Be specific in your recommendations, with necessary explanations, descriptions, details, justification, etc. I can only grade what you write, not what you meant to say.
Overall, you will be assessed on the quality and depth of detail offered in a comprehensive analysis and recommendation for Senor Sisig.

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