Case study analysis

Read the attached case study and answer the following.

1.    Perform a SWOT analysis for Levendary Caf.
2.    What should Mia Foster do about Louis Chen?
3.    How should Levendary Cafs global strategy differ from the firms domestic strategy (if at all)?  What strategic changes/recommendations would you make/recommend? 

    You need to have headings/subheadings which should look like this
o    Strengths
o    Weaknesses
o    Opportunities
o    Threats
o    Louis Chen
o    Strategy

    Do not be too crypticmake sure I understand what you mean
    No introduction is necessary.  Writing an introduction is a waste of your time.
    Font Times New Roman, 12 point.
    Single spaced.
    Normal margins (one inch).
    Pages must be numbered.
    Include a running headerandI should not have to say this, but put your name on your papers (in the running header).
    Maximum length four pages (+/- one page). 

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