case study

The nurse has been working in a medical surgical unit for years as a unit ANP for 5 years. She is very smart and savvy when it comes to her job. She constantly gets feedback from the patients as being one of the kindest, most thorough ANPs. The physician involved on this case scenario unbelievably thorough and great with patients.

The unit ANP was approached by a physician wondering why the blood pressure medications of a certain patient were being held over the past few days and he was not notified. This ANP, being very diplomatic, offered a response to the physician, Im not sure, I didnt even know that happened, let me look into it for you and get back to you.

Unrelenting, the physician pressed farther: Theres no need for you to look into it further, Ive been sitting her for 20 minutes looking at the blood pressures and medications givenand it makes no sense. Getting louder with each word.

Knowing she could offer nothing useful in this conversation with it escalating, she simply walked away saying, I dont know, Ive literally taken care of this patient today for the first time.

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