Case Brief

We have now reached the last section of a brief, the rationale. This section is the longest part of your brief, where you discuss the legal reasoning that formed the courts decision. This will include the rule(s) of law the court applied. It is this section where you discuss in detail why the court made its ruling by applying the law the court used to the facts of the case. Do not include your opinion in this section, just focus on the decision f the court.

Before starting this assignment, please review the tutorial on how to brief a case found in the How To Brief A Case Module. This will provide you with an understanding of the rationale section.

For this assignment, please complete the following:
1. Read the case of C & L Ent. v. Powatawami Indian Tribe, found the folder
2. State the courts reasoning for the rationale section of your brief using a minimum of 350 words. Include word count

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