Case Analysis

The primary aim is to understand the effect and impact that business processes, competing and/or complimentary technologies and information systems have on an organisation. This means that just describing a technology or how the case study organisation uses a technology is an inadequate response to this assessment, and will not be rewarded in the marking scheme. There is an expectation that your submission will be analytical, and must draw on theory to frame its evaluation of an organisation’s deployment of business information systems in a competitive environment.
Case Study:
You have recently inherited your grandfather’s business, which is conveniently located in your city’s CBD.

The business offers many different kinds of specialised products and services for the whole family. It was first opened in 1952 and was a local hot spot for many years but unfortunately, business has been steadily declining over the past few years. The business runs without any computers and all ordering takes place manually. Your grandfather had a terrific memory and knew all of his customers and suppliers by name, but unfortunately, none of this information is located anywhere in the store. The operational information required to run the business, such as sales trends, vendor information, promotional information and so on, is all located in your grandfather’s memory. Inventory is tracked in a note pad, along with employee payroll and marketing coupons. The business does not have a website, uses very little marketing except word of mouth, and essentially still operates the same as it did in 1952.
For the purpose of this assignment you will own and operate your grandfather’s business, and by taking advantage of business practices discussed in this unit (Introduction to Business Information Systems), you will attempt to increase profits, decrease expenses, and bring the business into the 21st century.
Task Requirements:
Using the above case study produce a business report as outlined in the submission requirements (below) which responds to the following in the main discussion section:
NB: You must use in-text referencing throughout your responses
1. Chosen Business : Identify the type of specialised products and services for the business and create a name for it. For example, the business could be a coffee shop called The Broadway Café, an extreme sports store called Cutting Edge Sports, or even a movie store called The Silver Screen specializing in classic and memorabilia for all ages. Try to pick a business you are genuinely interested in running and that aligns with your overall career goals.
NB: All following responses must relate to your chosen business by producing appropriate examples Page 2 of 4

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