Carrigan, William D. and Webb, Clive. Forgotten Dead: Mob Violence against Mexicans in the United States.Oxford University Press, 2013.

Organization of Book Review:Introduction and authors thesis:  Write an introduction that identifies the book and its author.  Present the books thesis, main idea or argument; describe the nature of the subject matter.  Summarize the authors purpose for writing this book and indicate whether you think the author achieved it.Evidence Presented:  What evidence did the author present to support thesis?  Does the evidence support the thesis?  Present examples from the book.Assessment and Conclusion:  What is your overall view about the book?  State your views or opinions.  Did it affect your thoughts on the topic?  Explain.  Would you recommend it to someone?  Assessment may also focus on the nature of the argument/thesis presented and the nature of the evidence.  Cite passages from the book that illustrate your views about strengths and weaknesses.

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