Cannabidiol Restaurant is a fast-food company that bakes and serves the customers with weed-infused donuts and pizza

Distinctive Competency: Describe the product’s distinctive competency in relation to the competition.
Industry Analysis: Conduct a brief Porter’s Five Forces analysis for the company.
Business Strategy: Explain the business’s generic strategydifferentiation, cost, or focus.
Target Market: Use the U.S. Census Bureau or DeVry Library to find data that will enable you to segment the target market using geographic, demographic, psychographic, and/or behavioral consumer data and describe the target customer.
Product and Value Proposition: Describe the product and its value proposition for customers.
Promotional Mix: List the channels in the promotional mix and explain why each is a good fit with the product, business, industry, and current market dynamics.
References: Cite your textbook and any other outside sources that you quote or paraphrase.

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