California Housing Policy Analysis: Policy Alternatives

Policy Problem: Policy Issue Analysis in California: Housing
Problem Statement: Since 2009, California residents have been straining to afford to house. The housing shortage in California is causing an increase in prices for housing, resulting in homelessness.

Policy Alternatives

1)Identify clear and detailed explanation of the current policy/status quo and three additional alternatives including WHAT the alternative is,  HOW it will work in practice, and WHO/WHAT agency/entity will be responsible for implementation.

2)Each alternative should have a descriptive title but then in each alternative description you should start out with language akin to: This alternative will…[DO WHAT]. It will be implemented by…[WHO/WHAT ENTITY]. And explain how it will work in practice.

3)If your alternatives are based on a model from another jurisdiction, clearly state/explain that in the alternative description and cite to appropriate sources (but do not provide results from the other jurisdictionthat goes in your analysis). Say what YOUR ALTERNATIVE is and that it is based off a model from X jurisdiction. In the analysis section, you can draw from the evidence from the other jurisdiction to document how it worked in practice.

4)Ensure that each alternative is appropriate to given client

Tip: Be sure the alternative is written in an active voice as something that your jurisdiction/branch of interest can do such as Enact legislation to…, Reestablish the X program to…, Appropriate funds to…., Establish a voucher program to do Y…. Then describe the given alternative. The alternative description should not just be the title of the alternative. The alternative descriptions should NOT include data on impact, cost, feasibility, etc.that all belongs in your analysis

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