Business Memo

Project 1 is your first step toward Project 3: Article. Its an important step, too, because without strong and fitting ideas, you will not be successful in your next two writing projects. Because all three of the major writing projects are scaffolded, you must understand how Project 1 leads to Project 2 which leads to Project 3a lineage that was covered in the Unit 1: Orientation folder in Bb. After you understand the links between projects, Project 1 becomes relatively simple. You will create a business-style memo (much like the document youre reading right now!) in which you detail your top two ideas for Project 3. Only one of your two ideas will move forward in the writing process and eventually become the basis for the research you conduct for P2 and the writing you do for P3. Your memo must be 1,000 to 1,500 words, which includes only the body of the memo and not the heading. To help you develop a thorough memo, please address the following prompts: Introduction: What is your understanding of Project 3? What is a trend analysis and how does this differ from, say, a formal argument or a cause and effect essay? Then, spoil the surprise by telling us up front which of the two ideas youre leaning toward. Body: From the work youve done so far, select your top two most fitting ideas and, per idea, address each of these prompts: How did you land on this idea? Use the Radical Thinking worksheet, all the brainstorming youve done, and your peers feedback on the discussion board to answer this question. Everyones research question will be the same: How has X changed over time? With that overarching question in mind, think about sub-questions that will help you answer our shared question. List 3-5 open-ended research questions you could ask about the sub-topics of your idea that will help you answer the overarching research question. So what and who cares? In other words, how might this idea apply to others or speak to a more universal issue, trend, etc.? What is the moment of exigence for this idea (a major event or starting point for this trend) and why did you choose it? Conclusion: Briefly reiterate your preferred idea. This memo will help solidify your plans for moving forward. And if your idea works in fulfillment of the Project 3: Article, then you will continue on to Project 2 and begin the research portion of the writing process. This incorporates the last project you completed for me so it made sense for me to request you for it.

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