Two articles that pertain to marketing related topics should be summarized in a written format. Articles should
be taken from business publications which may include the business section of the newspaper. The Wall Street
Journal is an excellent source of articles for this assignment. The purpose of the Article Assignment is to
examine the course content reflected in current events. Therefore, articles should be from publications
published within the last month. Articles should not be taken from the Current Events area in Course Content.
Students should be prepared to discuss the information in the article on the Discussion Board. A separate
article Discussion Board forum will be set up. To earn all available Discussion Board points, participation must
go beyond simply posting an article summary to the Discussion Board. Students should engage in an active
discussion of the current events being shared.
Students must include in their written and submitted work an explanation of how the article applies to course
content. Written summaries should be submitted through the Assignments & Exams area of the course site.
All article summaries must be submitted as attached documents. Completed summaries should not be copied
and pasted into Assignments & Exams.

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