Business Ethics Case Memo ( ExxonMobil )

Each student is expected to submit a case write-up during week 2, which I refer to as the business
ethics memo. The memo should be 1-2 pages long maximum single spaced (or 2-4 pages long
maximum if double spaced). Use 12-point font and a 1-inch margin.
In the memo, you will analyze one of the cases assigned for week 2 in greater depth. You can
choose to analyze HB Fuller or you can choose to analyze ExxonMobil. You must pick one, but not
both. If you write a memo on HB Fuller, please answer the question: Is HB Fuller acting in a morally
responsible manner? How so? If you write a memo on ExxonMobil, please answer the question:
What should ExxonMobil do and why?
You should apply one ethical theory to the case as you answer the question. You can choose from
the following ethical theories: 1) Consequentialism and stakeholder theory (combination), 2) Kants
deontology, or 3) Aristotles virtues. You must pick one theory, not two or three. If you analyze
using consequentialism and stakeholder theory, I expect consequences for 4 stakeholder groups will
be discussed. If you analyze using Kants deontology, I expect all three categorical imperatives will
be defined and applied. If you analyze using Aristotles virtues, I expect 4 of 6 virtues to be defined
and discussed. Remember, choose one and only one theory to apply.
You are required to submit your memo on Blackboard just before the sync session. Thus, if you
choose the HB Fuller case your memo is due 5/25/21 11:59am EST and if you pick the Exxon case
your memo is due 5/27/21 11:59am EST.

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