Business Ethics

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Each Unit Assessment has 2 essay questions (16 questions total), 200 word min for each question.

Unit I Assessment
Do you believe that the responsibility of an organization should end with obedience to the law? Why or Why not? Please defend your answer with examples.
In your own words, describe what ethics means to you. List three specific objectives you expect to accomplish from taking this course.
Unit II Assessment

Conduct an online search of CEO salaries. If you search “do CEOs get paid too much” on your favorite search engine there is a wealth of information. Select an online article or blog. Take a stance on this subject and construct a brief argument of whether or not you believe CEOs get paid too much. Please be sure to cite your source at the bottom of your essay.
Immanuel Kant theorized that humans are subjects and not objects. In other words Kant believes that we treat persons as ends within themselves and not means to our own ends. Describe a time where you were treated as a means to someone else’s purpose or end and how you felt that it violated your personal code of ethics.
Unit III Assessment
Scenario: Your company has suffered a large loss of revenue over the past year, resulting in the need to downsize. You are the executive in charge of making the decision on which employees are terminated.There are two candidates on the table:
Harry, who has been with the company over 20 years, has provided optimal productivity and even saved the company $20,000 per year when he presented an efficiency plan. He has two children in college and his wife is scheduled for critical surgery to repair her spine so their family will be dependent on his income over the next three months.

Sally, who has been with the company 15 years. She has also saved the company thousands of dollars in revenue over the years, and has been a loyal and exemplary employee. Sally is also close to your family. She has watched your children grow up and has played a consultative role when the company was in crisis. She is also your child’s sports coach.
You must choose either Harry or Sally. Please answer the following questions:
1. Who do you let go and why? 2. How do you let them know they will no longer have a job with your company? 3. What steps do you take so you feel good about your decision?

Conduct online research on monitoring employees in the workplace. Select an internet article and answer the following questions:
1. Briefly summarize the article 2. Pick a side and agree or disagree with the article and elaborate on your point of view
Remember to cite your article in APA format at the bottom of your essay.
Unit IV Assessment
Read page 44 of the text relating to cognitive and intellectual stumbling blocks.

1. Give a brief synopsis of a time you made a business decision that did not have a favorable outcome. 2. Select one of the stumbling blocks discussed and relate it to your scenario 3. What would you have done differently given the insight you have now on the decision.

Conflicts of interest can occur at any time. Select one of the two scenarios and elaborate on what you would do in that situation.

1. Your supplier in Latin America sends you two airline tickets as a token of appreciation for doing business with them. Your company does not allow employees to accept gifts over $50. It is customary in Latin America to give a gift for doing business. Your supplier would be insulted if you did not accept the gift, threatening the relationship.
2. You work for a computer parts and software distributor. Your co-worker and friend is starting up a second business installing and servicing personal computers. She asks you not to disclose any knowledge of her new business. She has been missing a great deal of work because of the startup time the new businesses requires, and the work she is missing falls on your lap. You do not want to hurt your friendship, but you do not feel it is fair the extra work falls on your lap.
Unit V Assessment

Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program that tries to respond to instances of past discrimination by implementing proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity today. In your own words, discuss your point of view on affirmative action. Do you believe it is fair or does affirmative action create further discrimination (pages 214 – 215 of the text can serve as a refresher and give you more detail on affirmative action)?

Select one of the two activities to construct your essay:
1. Conduct online research on a large company to see if you can find their code of conduct. Name two components that stand out to you and how do you think that code of conduct affects that company’s culture? Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.
2. Conduct online research to find an article on code of conduct. How do you think a code of conduct affects corporate culture? Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.
Unit VI Assessment
Read the Reality Check on page 331 of the text titled, Winners and losers. There are two sides to the Lottery argument. Which side do you agree with and why?

Conduct online research on the case Pelman v. McDonald’s in which it was alleged that McDonald’s was partially responsible for the health problems associated with the obesity of children who eat McDonald’s fast food. Should McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants be judged negligent for selling dangerous products, failing to warn consumers of the dangers of a high fat diet, and deceptive advertising? Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.

Unit VII Assessment
The practice of caring for the “image” of a firm is sometimes referred to as reputation management. Select a company or individual who you believe has a controversial reputation and give at least three suggestions of what they can do to help repair their image so they are viewed in a positive social light.
Conduct online research on pharmaceutical companies, and answer the following questions:
1. What social responsibilities do pharmaceutical companies have that differs from other types of companies?
2. Who are the primary stakeholders a pharmaceutical company has and how do you think they are prioritized?
3. Do you think pharmaceutical companies are justified in charging such high prices for certain medications or do you believe their high overhead costs (research, employing people, advertising) justifies what they charge?
Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.
Unit VIII Assessment
Log into the Environmental Protection Agency’s web site ( Access their newsroom area and select an article of interest to you where there has been a violation of compliance or the law. Answer the following questions:

1. Summarize the article (violation).
2. What do you think the organization in violation could have done differently?
3. What impact does the violation have on the surrounding community?
Please remember to cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of your essay.

Do you believe that business has any direct ethical duties to living beings other than humans? What criteria have you used in answering this question? What is your own standard for determining what objects count from a moral point of view?

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