Business Case study- Nestle

Business Case study of Nestle
Apply these concepts in the business study of Nestle:
FDI- benefits and strategies
Foreign productions
Company culture, organisation culture
Company strategies
Corporate social responsibility
Trade and economic growth, political reality of trade
Communication and pricing strategies
Human resource management in the company

1. Identify the international business to be given detailed consideration, including:
    Basic information about its main activities and functions
    The competitive sector(s) of the international economy in which it operates
    Its scale and scope of operations across the international economy
    Its headline financial results.
2. Consider to what extent the correlated external forces shaping international business strategies (global/technological; regional/cultural; national/country specific) can be identified in the case concerned.
3. Seek to determine which of the companys international strategy most strongly shapes the firm.
4. Summarise the arguments/concepts applied to the international business and indicate the extent to which they have proved relevant.

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