Business analysts and critical thinking

Read the ethical dilemma outlined below and, write an essay in which you analyze both sides of the issue fairly making the strongest possible case for each side and explain which position you support, and why.

        Your essay should have 4 paragraphs.
        1. Introduction explain the situation in your own words
        2. Points in favor of Side A
        3. Points in favor of Side B
        4. Conclusion: your position and why you support it
**Your essay should be at least of a page, but no more than 1 page**

  single-spaced in a 12-point font.
        thinking / content
        well-organized essay with clear transitions
        good logical flow, with each point following from the last
        intelligent analysis with no fluff or repetition
        clear, concise sentences
        correct grammar and punctuation
        use of exactly the right words including prepositions, conjunctions, and longer words and phrases  

Ethical Dilemma: Your position as sales manager for Granite Rock and Sand is in jeopardy; sales have been down for the past two years. Your supervisor told you that you have through the next quarter to increase sales; otherwise, youll be looking for a new job. Following your supervisors warning, you have been interviewing candidates for a vacant sales position to help improve your sales. After conducting many interviews, you meet with the final candidate, James Morrison. During the interview with Morrison, you learn that he was the victim of a layoff by a competitor, Silt and Sand, Inc.  Although you are not terribly impressed with Morrison, during the interview he mentions that his former company had been researching new markets and discovered that Saudi desalinization plants need a particular type of sand they dont have over there, but we have here. He states that his former company is the only firm that knows about this. He also claims that he was the contact person with the Saudi Arabian government and therefore, would be able to help Granite Rock and Sand enter this market and improve its sales. Should you hire him?

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