The beginning of the page count will be the answer to Question 1.  Then continue after at least two pages of text with the answer to Question 2, and so forth.  At the end of the answer for Question 4 you should have at a minimum 8 full pages from top to bottom of margin of text.

The source of the information to answer each question has come from your text in Chapters 8, 9. And 10.  However, you should have other references sources of information to aid you to answering the question completely with at least 2 pages of text.

This means to conduct some outside the text research to support your answer.


Please review Rubric Exam 3 in the Let Get Started folder.

Question 1.

We sometimes enhance our attitude toward a product after we buy it.  How does the theory of cognitive dissonance explain this change?

Question 2.

Describe the difference between a superordinate category, a basic level category, and a subordinate category.

Question 3.

Discuss the concept of timestyle.  Based on your own experiences, how might we segment consumers in terms of their timestyle?

Question 4.

Several mens clothing retailers nationwide now provide free booze to their male clientele to encourage them to hang out in their stores.  Is it ethical to encourage customers to get wasted before they shop?

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