Please watch the video that has been copied and pasted herein.
Now, lets modify the hypothetical pursuant to the following;
If you are the Trolley driver, and you are driving on the tracks and cannot stop, what do you do? All five (5) workers in front of you are currently inmates at the department of corrections. All you know about the inmates are that they have been in trouble in the past, thus why they are inmates. You dont know why they were in trouble and what they did to go to the department of corrections (prison). The one worker on the right track is a doctor from Riley Childrens Hospital who is volunteering her time. That is all you know about the doctor. You dont know what department she works on, or what she does specifically for Riley Childrens Hospital.
Please answer the questions below.
1)    What is the Utilitarian Theory? What would you do if you subscribe to the Utilitarian Theory? (15 pts)

2)    What are Duty Based Ehics? Who is the famous philosopher who discussed duty based ethics and what is his categorical imperative? What would you do if you subscribe to the Duty Based Ethics Theory? (20 pts)

3)    What would you do? (5)

*Remember, there is not a right and wrong answer in applying the theory to this fact pattern. I am grading the assignment based upon if you; 1) identify and define the theory and 2) apply the theory to the law. I am thinking that a well thought out response for all questions above is at least a half of a page.

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