BrightSource: Challenges and Prospects for a Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Class Group Presentation
For this group assignment, you will work with your teammates to create and present a 10-15-minute PowerPoint Presentation.

Connection to Course Learning Outcomes
This assignment covers the following learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

1.Apply risk concepts, tools, and techniques to project management
2.Articulate the value and benefits of creating an effective approach to preparing for project risk
3.Identify project objectives and critically examine the possible effects of uncertainty on objectives.

For this group assignment, work with your teammates to develop a 10-15-minute PowerPoint Presentation that summarizes the project case you have selected for this course. You will present your analysis of the case to your peers in class (face-to-face presentation) or via Canvas Collaborate Ultra (Virtual presentation) if you are taking the course online. You will want to include the following components in your presentation.

1.Project Sponsor organization Background
2.Project background
3.Benefits to sponsor organization
4.Project objectives
5.Major deliverables and sub-deliverables (levels 2 and 3)
6.Summary budget
7.Summary schedule
8.Acceptance criteria

My part is 3,4 and 5. Based on the pdf I have uploaded. Please develop a 3-5 min presentation speech including the slides and speech notes.

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