Developing Your Storytelling Project


Develop a brand story to build a strong connection with the audience and the brand
Bring to life the essence of the brand by communicating an authentic story
Create skills in digital storytelling by creating a new digital story pitch strategy as you launch the new brand

Create a creative strategy for a digital video story for the new company you are launching. The actual video is not required at this time.

Answer these questions:

State your marketing goal(s).
What is the marketing opportunity and the potential audience? Research the marketing opportunity and provide a target market analysis, then select the potential audience based on your research?
What is the brand story objective?
What digital formats and/or online social media platforms will you use to achieve your marketing goal?
Develop creative strategy for a video solution including a storyboard; this can be video for website, digital viewing, or specific media channels like YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms to achieve your marketing objectives.

Creative Story Project Prospectus and Creative Deliverable

1. Provide a written overview which includes the questions from above about the project details.

2. Include a storyboard for the video project. Include at least 6-8 scenes.

I have attached my business plan and brand story to the work


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