Book reflection on This Strange and Sacred Scripture

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate in writing your engagement with the book, This Strange and Sacred Scripture.

No more than half of the reflection should be summary of the book. The remainder of the paper is to be reflection on the book in terms of strengths and weaknesses, the importance of the work and any way in which the book is of particular help to you in understanding how to read and interpret the Old Testament.

Note the following suggestions for reading:

Get a feel for the book as a whole look at the Table of Contents and skim through parts that look interesting to you.
Read the book thoroughly. Takes notes of each chapter as you read: it will save you time in the long run. Dont just highlightwrite questions and observations. Try to write a short summary of each chapter as you read.
Once you have finished the book at the end of the semester, review the reading, making notes on its major theme(s), impact, etc.
Your paper should meet the following guidelines: 

1000 to 1500 words
12pt Times New Roman Font
1″ Margins
page numbers (bottom, centered)
citation with page number for direct quotations, example: Schlimm states, Perhaps the most important judgment readers can make concerns what type of literature, or genre, they are reading (12).
The paper will include
a summary of the books thesis (no more than half of the book review)
a reflection on the books argument (strengths and weaknesses)
an assessment of the books conclusions and its influence on your own thinking
Important! The words and ideas in this review should be your own. This is not a research paper, so give your own analysis and assessment of the article in your own words.  You do not need to consult outside sources.

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