Bob’s Supermarket: Competing with the Big Boys

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Case: Bob’s Supermarket: Competing with the Big Boys (Case details are in separate document)
 Read case several times to gain a complete understanding of the facts and the current situation that Bob’s Super Market is facing. It is helpful to take notes as you go through the case to help tie together the facts and gain a better understanding of their interrelationships in the case.
Prepare a case analysis that describes the major business issues facing Bob’s Supermarket, and then develop a recommended course of action that will put Bob’s Supermarket in a better position to continue to grow profitably in the current general and competitive environment. Make sure that your analysis and recommendations are specific and supported the facts of the case. Be creative when you look at the strategic options for Bob’s Supermarket. One option is not to go out of business.
The paper should include:
1.       An opening paragraphor two giving a brief history of the company and the background.
2.       Situation Analysis-Identify the major issues facing the company by using some of the analysis tools from the course (General environmental analysis, Porter’s Five Forces competitive analysis, industry life cycle analysis, specific competitive analysis, value chain, and financial analysis). Use the tools that you deem appropriate to develop a clear picture of what is facing both the industry and Bob’s Supermarket and why. This section should answer the question and summarize: What issues and problems is Bob’s Supermarket facing and why.
3.       Strategic options -based on the issues facing both Bob’s Supermarket, and using some of the analysis tools from the course (Value Chain Analysis, SWOT’s Analysis, Resource Analysis, generic strategies-cost leadership, focus, differentiation, or a  combination), identify the options that Bob’s has to compete in the market (identify several options); discuss the pros and cons; and select one, stating your reasons along with the risks that you see (such as possible competitive reactions, financial risks, etc.)
4.       Action Plan-identify the specific actions that Bob’s must take to implement the recommended strategy. Include all actions that are required for implementation and the expected results.
5.       Summary of paper (one paragraph or two). Include a short case summary, recommendations, actions, expected results and risks,
Since all the reference material is contained in the case, you will not be required to have a list of other references; so no reference page or abstract is required.  APA writing style format is to be used but only for formatting such as a title page, double spacing, and spacing of margins, etc.
Paper is due to be submitted by April 8, 2014 but can be submitted any time prior to then. Submit through Blackboard for grading.

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