Discussion Board 8

Chapter 15 - 16Answer each of the following questions:1. Describe the existing needs for cost information in healthcare firms.2. Describe how cost information relates to the three key activities of management: planning, budgeting, and control.3. Define a budget and describe how management uses them.4. Explain the concept of management control and how budgeting is used as part of it.
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Public health specialist script

Please write this in the format of a script, A two person dialogue. Act as a public health specialist and conduct a 2-3 min interview with another person that includes a dialogue pertaining to a contemporary public health issue. Begin by introducing yourselves, and then ask the person to share his/her/their thoughts, feelings and opinions about a current public health issue of personal...
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Future Leadership

Assignment DetailsYou are the HR director of training and development of a start-up organization. You have just attended a future leadership meeting regarding the need to establish a training program to develop, train, and promote current employees, managers, and supervisors with effective managerial and leadership techniques. During the meeting, upper management decided to implement an incentive...
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Case Study Week 7

Please read the case study (attached) and answer the following questions:1.  What criteria should be used to determine potential layoff candidates? What emphasis, if any, should be given to non-job-related factors such as personal problems or a spouses need to work? Explain your answer.2.  What should be included in a severance package for laid-off employees? How long should the...
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Is an online degree as good as a degree obtained in a traditional classroom setting?

The task is to write an argumentative essay. Use the tools and tricks that you've picked up over the last five weeks and avoid the pitfalls. First, do some research. Consider evidence for both possible answers to the question - yes or no. Formulate a thesis. Then, make an outline before you write your essay.One handy way to make the outline is to use a basic form of argument as a skeleton. For...
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Euthanasia Nursing Ethic

Assignment Criteria:Each student will develop a scholarly paper and include the following:1. Describe the ethical topic AND a potential ethical dilemma as it relates to the ethicaltopic/issue.a. Identify the stakeholders who are impacted or who may potentially be impactedby this ethical topic/issue.b. Identify the legal concerns associated with the topic/issue.2. Explore professional and personal...
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