Black Panther

The second step toward successful completion of the course project. In this milestone, you will describe the culture(s) and subculture(s) present in your chosen film. You will also identify some of the observed cultural norms that are unique to the culture(s) and subculture(s) in your film. Remember to practice cultural relativism throughout your work.

This milestone will help you identify and describe the cultures and
subcultures represented by the characters in your film and also identify some observed cultural norms and values of those cultures and subcultures. You will also
describe a single scene from your film in which differences (or conflict) exist and can be observed between the characters in order to explain how culture
influences their interaction. Be sure to review the Module Two MindEdge materials (specifically 2.05 and 2.07) to review the concepts of culture, subculture, as
well as cultural norms and values. Remember that cultural relativism is required throughout your final project, so you should adhere to cultural relativism in this
assignment as well.

Be sure that your submission includes the following critical elements:

I. Represented Cultures: Describe two cultures or subcultures that are represented in the film. Include details to support your description of the cultures
or subcultures. Remember that a subculture is a smaller group with unique, shared norms and values within a larger culture.

II. Cultural Norms and Values: Identify the cultural norms and values that you observed for each culture or subculture, being sure to provide examples
from the film to support your identification.

III. Cultural Comparisons: Explain the similarities and differences that you observed between these cultures or subcultures.

IV. Cultural Difference: Describe a scene in which a cultural difference exists between characters and explain how that cultural difference affected their

V. Cultural Relativism: Practice the principles of cultural relativism throughout the discussions of cultures and subcultures, cultural values and norms, the
cultural comparisons, and the cultural differences present in the film.

Chosen Film: Black Panther

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