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  1. ng in Arabidopsis thaliana and you want to learn about genes that are critical for the formation of seeds. You know a few genes that are important for the differentiation of pluripotent cells into seeds, but you want to know other genes in this genetic regulatory network/pathway. One of the genes that you know is important for seed development is calledAINTEGUMENA (ANT). In a loss of function mutant (ant) no seeds are produced. ANT is a transcription factor known to control the expression of other genes. Two ways that ANT regulates the expression of other genes is through binding to their promoter regions and through working in large protein regulatory transcription complexes.
    1. Specifically describe at least two ways ANT may regulate the expression of other genes.
    2. Design an experiment to determine other genes that are critical for seed development. You should use what you know about ANT as a starting point and discuss other candidate gene identification.
  1. Fully compare and contrast (including similarities and differences) prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription and translation

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