Biological or Socially Constructed traits

Think of your readings for this week and the Lacey video clip. In your opinion are race and gender biological traits or socially constructed traits? In other words which do you think determines our behavior more, biology or society? Briefly explain your answer.

After you have decided on biology or socially constructed traits, consider this scenario:

Your company has just hired an attractive new employee. A long-time employee seems infatuated with the new employee. S/he cannot stop staring and finds every opportunity to make contact with the new employee. Finally, the new employee is forced to approach an immediate supervisor to stop the annoying behavior. HR calls the long-time employee in for a meeting and the long-time employee offers this unexpected defense: My Mediterranean ancestry and culture and my natural biological impulses make it virtually impossible for me to stop trying to court the new employee. It is perfectly normal behavior and a natural biological trait found in all humans my gender and my age.
Does the long-time employee have a valid point? Explain why or why not. Consider your answer in part A of this discussion and why it does/does not apply to this scenario.

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