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This assignment is broken up into 4 sections:
1.    Current inventory of digital tools, resources and communications strategies
2.    A needs assessment that will identify goals and gaps in communication strategies
3.    Recommendations to mitigate gaps and enhance the company profile
4.    Implementation strategy
A core focus here is to identify the appropriate use of tools in the most effective ways to grow community engagement, build brand equity and raise the profile of the organization in positive ways.
You will need to draw on knowledge from previous courses such as Tech 1 and Marketing 1 and 2 to fill in some of this content. E.g. effective, strategic us of a CRM
Please ensure that you focus sufficient effort on #4! Its not just a matter of identifying the needs and what can be done. HOW do you make it happen? Draw me a map so I can see that it is possible. What is my destination? What will the organization look like when Im done?
In addition, dont forget to consider the ethical, social, and cultural implications of your decisions. How are you contributing to the quadruple bottom line? What implications are there for the surveillance economy?
I would also like to note that you are responsible for defining the scope of this project. As part of the needs assessment, I would recommend honing in on a specific area/activity or an identified problem.

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