Benoit Lamy and Ngangura Mweze’s film, La Vie Est Belle (Life is rosy).


This assignment is about Benoit Lamy and Ngangura Mweze’s film, La Vie Est Belle (Life is rosy). The film is available on the internet, film, follow this link, To watch the film, follow this link:

According to one reviewer, La Vie Est Belle is “a genial musical comedy film from D.R. Congo (formerly, Zaire), and there are two striking things about it: how very African it is, and how very African it is not”. What makes it African? How about African music, African men and multiple marriages, African dress/hair cultures, etc? What makes it not African? How about the application of status and wealth to solve problems and, the women’s interest group? Sounds interesting? Well, you should see the film more than once. And, recall Moscowitz to prepare for writing about the film. After, watching the film, you may want to check out reviews of the film before you start writing.


Answer all the questions that follow. Each answer must be at least 200 words in length.




(4 pts) What is the film, La Vie Est Belle, about? Note that reviews of the film tend to underplay the part played by the women in the film. Be sure that your answer recognizes the part played by Mamou, Cherie Bondowe and their friends of the Moziki Oye club.


(4 pts) What is the multiple marriages story of La Vie Est Belle? How does the marriage come about? How does the marriage end? Who eventually gets the girl? Who gains and who loses by application of multiple marriages in this case?


(4 pts) What do you think about the portrayal of African women in the film, positive or negative? What do you consider positive about the portrayal of women and what do you consider negative about the portrayal of women? Please explain each.


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