based on the different types of distance, French companies typically choose joint ventures when entering the United State’s market

10-12 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and Times New Roman font, with an additional
cover page and works cited page (these do not count toward the page requirements);
2. In APA format, with correctly formatted references and parenthetical citations;
3. Page-numbered;
4. Well-edited and proofread, with no typographical or grammatical errors;
5. Cogent; and,
6. Well-grounded in the academic literature surrounding your topic and concepts used. That is, you
should make full use of the library databases such as JStor and Business Source Premier to find
appropriate academic and practitioner journal articles that inform and support your thesis/argument,
and should avoid inappropriate sources such as most popular study-aid websites and encyclopedia.
Once you have done your research, you will
formulate a thesis that responds to your research question and then defend that thesis by building an
argument over the course of the paper. In formulating your thesis, avoid cheerleading or subjective
judgements like NAFTA has been good for Instead, focus on objective statements like NAFTA has
been associated with increased trade in

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