Autonomy is a major principle for health care organizations and individuals. However, there are often conflicts between patient and family members autonomy and the providers autonomy and decision making. Using the information from your text, discuss arguments for and against patients, family members and health providers being able to practice autonomy in clinical situations.

Submit written papers that clearly and concisely answers the question(s) in the assignment.

You should include:

A cover page
A purpose statement
Section headers
A minimum of four external references
Include a Works Cited/References Page
Your work should:

Be written professionally, be grammatically correct, and cited appropriately.
Reflect a logical process, flow, transitions, structure, and appropriate content.
Cohesively, clearly, and comprehensively explain ethical issues relating to healthcare today.
Have proper paragraph development, transitions, and academic tone.
General Guidelines:

Avoid use of I, you, we
12-point Times New Roman
1-in margins
Left aligned
Double spaced
Spell words out first time used, then abbreviations are acceptable
Use complete sentences in the active voice
Do not use contractions
Cite appropriately

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