authoritarian regimes

Please answer the questions below.  You answer must be at least 300 words long. No need to restate the question.  You will be graded on the quality of your writing, on the quality of your answers, and on meeting (or exceeding) the 300 word count.  Please be sure to grammar and spell check before submitting your assignment and answer the question as thoroughly as possible.  Finally, your answer must be in your own words. 

1.    In 2010, massive protests against authoritarian regimes erupted throughout the Middle East. Surveying the aftermath a decade later we can see that the political outcomes of those protests varied considerably.  In some countries a transition to democracy took place. In others, the protests were repressed and the authoritarian regime consolidated its power. In others still, civil war and foreign intervention ensued. In Class Forces, Transition, and the Arab Uprisings how does the author explain the different outcomes? Specifically, what factors does the author believe are crucial for a transition to democracy? Finally, what do you think? Pose a hypothesis to explain the various outcomes of the Arab Spring uprising.

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