Assignment Forum: Visual SupportUnit 4 Assignment Forum: Visual Support

The use of visuals is a highly effective tool designed to benefit those with developmental delays,
social issues, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other difficulties with
comprehension. Visuals provide students the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate
appropriate social skills, and prepare them for certain necessary tasks, routines, new situations, and
self -regulation. Visuals can be displayed in written form, pictures, and diagrams. They are effective
tools to inform any child of what they can expect and what is expected of them.
Your task for this assignment is to create a visual in PowerPoint for a child experiencing difficulty with
a specific task or situation. You may not submit a pre-made or commercial visual for this assignment
– it must be your own creation. This visual should be created for an actual child (ages 3-8) in your
class, former or current, or it can be your own child or a child of a relative or friend.
Some ideas for visuals are as follows:
Social stories
Visual schedules
First-then boards
Turn taking board
Sequential steps of a task visual
Routines circle time rules board
Play sequence board
Choice board
Here is an example of a commercial social story for the current COVID 19 crisis to assist children in
being aware of people looking different because they need to wear a mask.
CHS 208 Teaching Exceptional Learners
Unit 4 Assignment Forum: Visual SupportInclude the following in your PowerPoint:
1. Describe the child: age, strengths, interests, concerns.
2. Identify the specific task or situation you will address in your visual and why you chose this
task or situation.
3. Identify the type of visual you created (social story, choice board, etc.).
4. Create a visual with words and pictures that are clear and represent the meaning of the story,
task, or situation. The visual must reflect the childs strengths, needs, and interests.
5. Be sure to cite references used in the visual presentation.
By the Friday deadline, share your work with the class in the Unit 4 Assignment Forum. By the
Sunday deadline, review your classmates work and provide at least one reply.
Provide at least one (1) peer response that elaborates on your classmates visual by
commenting on the relevance of their visual and/or politely offers an alternative perspective.
Include reference citations in correct APA style.
Post the assignment and your response to the Assignment Forum by the due dates listed

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