assessment an old patient

Step 1 – Interviews – 2 interviews to be conducted
Initial interview: Please interview an older person 70 years or older in the community using 3 (or 4) tools attached.
1) Healthy Ageing Initial Assessment
2) The Lawton I-ADL Scale (and Katz Index if the older person is receiving help with ADLs)
3) Ageing perceptions and Health-related change tool
Subsequent interview: Please complete relevant focused assessments to investigate the person’s problems further. For example, a falls risk assessment or a continence assessment.
You can find other older person assessment tools in tutorial 4 folders.
The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing is an organisation that has the Try series about assessment tools for older people. You can access Best Practice Assessment Tools for older people at this weblink.

Step 2 – Writing Assessment (Word count 2500)
    Present and evaluate your findings for this older person, and present a plan of care for this older person that supports healthy ageing according to marking criteria.
    Please address the following criteria using the answer sheet template provided.
1.  A narrative summary (tell a story) of the person’s life and health history from their interview; their socio-demographic information and other relevant information about the person that is important to understand their health. A summary of the older persons health includes diseases and medications- use appropriate medical language, lay persons language is not acceptable. (Collected from PART A: Healthy Ageing Initial Assessment tool)
2.  A summary of findings from the Ageing perceptions & Health-related change Tool- the older persons current perceptions, expectations of ageing which includes your insights about the persons perceptions regarding healthy ageing. References to be included.
3.  A summary of findings from Part B: Healthy Ageing Initial Assessment and other evidence-based focused assessments. NB you are not required to reference the assessment tools, but you are required to refer to the assessments by their correct name.
4.  Evaluation of the person in relation to healthy ageing by comparing the person with a definition of healthy ageing. The evaluation considers all the information provided and discuss areas where the person is aging well and where the person is not. This section must be referenced to literature about healthy ageing and older people.
5.  From your evaluation above, list all the problems/issues present and future that you are concerned about this person in relation to healthy ageing.
          NB: It is a list of the problems/issues and not a discussion about interventions.
6.  From the problems/issues in section 5, identify 2 person-centred care problems/issues (nursing diagnosis) that will lead to an improvement in the health of the older person when addressed.
7.  Presentation of goals for each problem- must be measurable, relate to this person (person-centred) and lead to an improvement in this persons health.
8.  Description of two nursing actions for each problem/issue- must be evidenced-based (references required)
9.  Rewards you for using quality references.
10. Rewards you for APA 7th referencing.
        NB: Please upload the Healthy Ageing Initial Assessment tool and Ageing perceptions & Health-related change tool to appropriate folder in Assessment 3 on BB. Your work will not be marked until these documents are received.

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