Article summarize

1 Identify the research question or issue the study aimed to answer.
2 What questions/ indicators were created to measure each of the key concepts? For example, if the authors used a survey, what questions did they ask on the survey that measured your chosen topic?
3 Explain the methodology used in this study by identifying or describing the research design. For example, how did they collect the data (survey, interview, official data) and who were the subjects in this analysis (Answers can be found in the “Data/Methods/Variables” section of the paper).
4 Did the researchers collect the data themselves or did they use secondary data (data that was already collected)? (Can be found in the “Data/Methods/Variables” sections).
5 Summarize the findings of the research in one paragraph (you can find them in Results/Discussion Usually written in an easier way to understand in Discussion/Conclusions).
You can answer these questions in bulleted/numbered format, but you MUST answer in complete sentences (for example: 1) The research question in this article is….)
In order to complete this assignment you must complete the aforementioned steps

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