Art History Response Paper

Each week you will submit via Canvas a written response papers to the weeks readings. The
length of these will vary depending upon the number and nature of that weeks readings. These
response papers should include, for each assigned reading: a) a summary of the authors
argument; b) what you learned from the readings; c) a question that you think would make for
useful further discussion in class.

Ravi Vasudevan , Bombay and Its Public, in Rachel Dwyer and Christopher Pinney, eds., Pleasure and the Nation: The History, Politics and Consumption of Culture in India (New Dehli:  Oxford University Press, 2002): 186-211. Vasudevan, Bombay and Its Public.pdf

Madhavi Murty, Representing Hindutva: Nation, Religion and Masculinity in Indian Popular Cinema, 1990 to 2003, Popular Communication, 7 (2009): 267281. Representing Hinduvta.pdf

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