Art History

Choose any Asian art that you would like to conduct your own research from museums, text, books, catalougues, or internet.

double spaced, 12 font, times new roman. Include pictures. cite at least 3 references. try to use endnote or footnote

How to write about ART:
Description of the work (Title of work, Name of artist, if known, Production of origin, Date, Media)
Thesis/Issue (Why did you choose to write about this particular work?  Why do you think this work is significant?) Example: This work is significant because it canonized the tradition of portrait painting in the _____ region through its stylistic rendering, its spiritual connotation, and its social expression.

Supporting point 1
A brief background of the work (who is the artist [Do not write too much biography of artist], what type of social background the artist belonged to, under what kind of circumstance the work was produced, what is the purpose of production, etc.) Be sure to cite your sources using the Microsoft Words, References tag and Insert Footnote.
Supporting point 2
Its source literatures, mythology, legends, pose, facial expression, scale, etc.  Is there any functions? Was this work used for the ritual performance? What type of ceremony this work was involved? Use at least three references. Be sure to use the footnote to cite your references. If you use the internet source, be sure to indicate the date that you retrieved the information. Use the internet source with the name of author is posted.
Supporting point 3
History of provenances. How was this work obtained by the museum? Who is the patron or clients of this work? Who owned this work before getting into the museum?
It should be related to your thesis sentence but include what you have gone through in your supporting points, rather than simply repeating the thesis.

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