Art, Black Womens Mental Health, Utilizing Rage, Emotional Freedom

I need a paper written from the lense of an African American woman who works as an visual artist (painting & sculpture) raised in the south who has experienced systemic racism and is exploring her own Internalized Racism while dealing with her professional life working with museums and art galleries while black and touch on the racism within art institutions and everyday life as a black woman in general who is married with two young adult black sons and a daughter in the age of ongoing police killings and so on.

I would like a paper written about utilizing art as a healing mechanism when dealing with emotions, in particular RAGE, grief, and sorrow. I would like to discuss the mental and emotional health of black woman, the stigma of being an angry black woman and transgenerational trauma.

I will provide some sources for the paper that need to be utilized and the writer can provide the rest as she sees fit.

This will be a senior paper for a BFA degree in Socially Engaged Art

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