Applying Cultural Relativism

Overview: Two videos (one on food and one on language) offer interesting comparisons and will help you practice applying cultural relativism in preparation for
the final project.

Prompt: Complete the module discussion before completing this journal assignment. Then, view Texans Trying to Pronounce WI City Names (cc) (2:36) and
Would You Eat It? 10 Weird Foods We Dare You to Try (cc) (6:14). Choose one of these videos to focus on as you make connections between cultural norms,
language, and personal identity. In your journal assignment, you will explain the cultural norms and values you see presented in the video and then note how
these cultural norms and values are different than your own. You will explain how you practiced cultural relativism as you developed conclusions and ways that
you can apply your learning experience in this journal assignment to your film analysis in the final project.

Be sure that your journal assignment includes each of the following critical elements:
Cultural Norms and Values: Identify the cultural norms and values with specific examples from the video.
Cultural Comparison: Describe how the cultural norms and values you identified are similar to or different from your own norms and values. Be sure to
offer specific details and examples.
Cultural Relativism: Explain how you practiced cultural relativism as you developed conclusions about cultural norms and values within both the video
and your own culture.
Application to Film Study: Suggest specific ways you can apply what you learned by completing this journal assignment to your film analysis, even if you
chose other concepts for the final course project.

Guidelines for Submission: Your journal should be written in paragraph form and should include at least one source cited in APA format. Submit assignment as
a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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