Any topic (writer’s choice)

One paragraph of 300 words, two paragraphs are required
2. Major: Architecture
3. No beginning and end required
4. You need to write a manuscript based on this brief brief,
5. Three references are needed in the article

The Future:
A critical appraisal of a contemporary campaign or movement for professional change within architecture. What is the situation that is being challenged? Who is leading the challenge? What are their proposals? Who has the power to change the situation? The issue might be political, legal, economic, environmental, etc. Provide a critical viewpoint on the effectiveness of the process.
A Project:
Write a report on a built architectural project that you understand to have made a particularly positive social impact. Research and explain the professional issues regarding the project. Who was the client? What professionals were involved? How was it constructed? How was the money raised? Why was it beneficial? This could be a project that changed a community, that improved an environment, that set new architectural standards. Explain what factors made this kind of quality possible.
Each section should be a minimum of 300 words.

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