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As the DNP that is leading the Nurse Practice Council that will conduct translational projects in your healthcare organization, you must help the group to choose and adopt an EBP model that will be used to guide projects. Describe the setting of your organization and discuss your considerations when choosing a model for your Nurse Practice Council.  Note why this model best fits with the organization.
Discussion entries should be professional, informative, and substantive. Please enter an initial post, and respond/extend the conversation of at least ONE classmate by the due dates.

Discussion boards should be about 3-4 paragraphs long incorporating references and using APA 7th edition format.  Please type directly into the discussion board rather than attaching a document.  You might save your work in a separate document and then cut and paste the entry into the discussion board. 

You basically have to make up a scenario and an organization that you are presenting it to.

The purpose of the discussion questions is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned through the readings and lectures to a real-world research/EBP issue. Each discussion board will be open for two weeks. During the first week, students will focus on their primary response to the question. During the second week, students will focus on providing a response to a peer.

Responses will be evaluated based on four criteria:
    Analysis and Application (30%) Student demonstrates in depth understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts. Responses also integrate outside resources, research, or practical examples providing appropriate citations.
    Participation & Timeliness (30%) Postings stimulate further discussion by providing new information, asking new questions, building on peer responses, and/or providing alternative/ oppositional statements to previous posts. Student postings demonstrate respect and sensitivity to peers views, beliefs, background, etc. Writing style facilitates written communication with peers.
    Appraisal and Discussion (30%)-Students accurately evaluate and integrate the evidence providing appropriate citations.
    Quality of Writing (10%) Responses are free of grammatical errors, typos, etc. and follows APA 6th edition format.  Uses two or more references < 5 years old outside of course syllabus

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