Any topic (writer’s choice)

You have identified an issue in sports that is relevant to your area. You have assessed the current policies and regulations in place. You will discuss an action plan to further enhance support for this issue.

Write a 2-page paper with the following components:

1. What issue in sport did you select?
2. Explain why this issue is relevant to your institution.
3. What resources will be needed to support the proposed changes?
4. Which stakeholders at the institution would be involved in the process improvements?
5. What training would be necessary?
6. What is the timeline to implement your action plan?
7. Conclusion

SLP Assignment Expectations
Your work should be written with the following points in mind:

Produce a paper of at least 2 pages, not counting the title page and reference page.
Provide a clear introduction that orients a reader to the essay main content and the main points discussed.
Include a well-developed, well-balanced essay body that develops each point in its own paragraph.
Include a concise conclusion that summarizes the whole essay.
Include at least three references. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it must be enclosed in quotes.
Cite the references within the text and list them at the end of the assignment in the References section. Follow the APA Style format; see
Provide at least one in-text citation for each reference.
Include a reference page which follows APA requirements.
Organize the essay in a clear and coherent manner.
Use a font size of 12 and double-space the text.
Your writing should:
Be clear, logical, and precise
Have breadth and depth
Show critical thinking skills

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