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Read the Case Study provided and answer the corresponding questions below.
Adolescence is a period that begins with puberty and ends with the transition to adulthood (approximately ages 1020).
Steve, a fifteen-year-old student was caught bullying his classmates and forcing them to give him their money. In the interview, Steve mentioned that he is involved with a group of teenage boys who has asked him to collect money to defray the hospital bills of one of their group members mother who was diagnosed with terminal disease. When he was caught by school authorities, Steve blamed the societys failure to meet the medical and health care needs of the poor and he is only doing what is best for the sick and dying person. Steve is performing well in his studies and attends classes regularly. He is a basketball varsity player and has no record of using prohibited drugs.
He however expresses his desire to live independently apart from his parents when he graduates from high school as they resent his relationship with his girlfriend. While in college, he aims to get a college varsity scholarship and a part-time job. When asked if he thinks it is right to rob money from others, he felt that what he did was wrong but he wants to be fully accepted by his friends. He also mentioned that his friends mother is going to die soon and he could not stand to see her suffer.
Your paper should focus on the case study of an adolescent (Steve) in relation to the cognitive, psychological, socioemotional, and moral reasoning theories.
Address the following questions after reading the Steve case.

    Write an overview of common concerns about adolescent development.  Write an overview of common concerns about adolescent development.
    Now consider each of the different theoretical perspectives on human development. These are : Cognitive (Piaget theory), Psychosocial (Erickson theory), Moral (Kohlberg theory), Sociocultural theory (Vygotsky theory). For each perspective write half a page on how Steves behavior can be understood by that perspective.
    What can parents do to promote their adolescents positive adjustment

  Remember to cite all references at the end. All citation in text and reference should be in APA format.
  The paper should be: – minimum 3 pages, – 12-point Times New Roman, – double-spaced .

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