Any topic (writer’s choice)

Create an annotation of this article as if you were considering it for a source in a paper. Here’s how:

    Write a 150-200 word summary/critique of the article in which you not only summarize the article but also note any strengths or weaknesses you find in it. In addition, mention whether it will be a possible article for an essay on the topic of teaching grammar in writing courses. (Note: you won’t be writing about this topic for your own writing assignments.)
  Your annotation thus should include the following:
    Focus of the study (~ 1-2 sentences
    Conclusion(s) of the study (~ 1-2 sentences)
    Analysis of the study (e.g., any strengths or weaknesses? Any thing that was particularly remarkable/helpful?) (~ 1-2 sentences)
    Its relevance to research on teaching grammar in writing courses (~ 1-2 sentences)
Please refer to the “Sample Annotated Bibliography-7th edition” in this week’s Content for an example.

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