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Read Chapter 6 and 7 of Ethics of healthcare: A guide for Clinical Practice the fourth edition. By Edge R, Groves, J. (2018). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Review the code of ethics for emergency nursing. Locate and analyze an article that discusses a breach in either professional or ethical behavior by a practitioner in your chosen field. Include the following elements in your analysis:

Did the practitioner act within their scope of practice and with role fidelity?
What consequences, personal or professional, did the practitioner face due to their actions? Do you feel they were justified?
If you were working with this individual, what would or could you have done to influence their behavior?
This case study should be 2-3 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages and include 2 additional peer reviewed scholarly sources. Cite all references, including your text, using APA 7th edition format.

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