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1)Choose your own ethical conflict/dilemma topic from your personal life. Define and critically apply the six steps of ethical decision- making from your text, Edge, R. and Groves, J. (2018).  Ethics of health care: A guide for clinical practice. (4th Ed.).  Boston, MA: Cengage Learning page 63, to the ethical dilemma.
Identify and analyze which of the theories you used to resolve it. If you choose to discuss an ethical dilemma from your workplace, in order to respect confidentiality, do not specifically name your workplace; speak in generalities such as in a private office, ambulatory surgical center, large public health agency, etc. The case study should be 2-3 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages and include 2 additional peer reviewed scholarly sources. Cite all references, including your text, using APA 7th edition format. Please no plagirism

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