Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer questions in essay form.

1. There is a particular way of looking and experiencing the world which anthropologists
call, the anthropological perspective. What is this? Offer specific examples of how
anthropologist interpret things in the world through this perspective. And how has
your perspective of the world changed after being exposed to the Anthropological
2. We live in a world of symbols; from languages (words), to flags, to statues, to poetry, we
experience the world in particular ways. What are complex symbolic representations
and institutions? How are they related to human culture? Why are they important to
human culture?
3. There is a debate on whether or not humans possess agency. First, describe what is
human agency. And then, reflect on the question: do humans possess agency? Discuss
your reflection on these questions articulating your position on the matter.
4. Ethnography is central to anthropology. What is ethnography? And, what is the
dialectic of fieldworkwhy is it important for ethnographic fieldwork?

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